lunes, 21 de julio de 2008

Therion - Bells of Doom

Bells of Doom is a compilation album of Swedish Symphonic metal band Therion, released by the official fan club (now called Therion Society) in 2001. The album was originally available for Therion Society members only but is now available to the anyone in Therion's Official online store. It contains rare tracks from early recordings of band. First two tracks comes from the very first band live shows when band was played under name Blitzkrieg, the remaining from various Therion demos and unreleased recordings. The album is limited in numbers and will not be reprinted once it has sold out.
1.Blitzkrieg - "Rockn' Roll Jam"
2.Blitzkrieg - "Scared to Death (Excerpt)"
3.Therion - "Bells of Doom"
4.Therion - "Macabre Declension"
5.Therion - "Paroxysmal Holocaust"
6.Therion - "Outro"
7.Therion - "Ravaged"
8.Therion - "Black (demo)"
9.Therion - "Melez (demo)"
10.Therion - "Path of the Psychopath"
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