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Nargaroth - Prosatanica Shooting Angels

Prosatanica Shooting Angels is an album by the black metal band Nargaroth. It was released through No Colours Records in September 2004. Kanwulf/Ash started to record the album for a solo project called "Satanica" and the album was going to be called Shooting Angels, but after some reflection he has decided that he did not want to have any side projects and therefore he released it as a Nargaroth album.
1 "Love Is Always Over with Ejaculation" (01:12)
2 "Be Dead or Satanic" (08:41)
3 "Satan Industries" (05:33)
4 "Thinking Below the Ocean" (04:51)
5 "Black and Blasphemic Death Metal" (08:13)
6 "A Tear in the Face of Satan" (10:17)
7 "The Dark Side of the Moon" (02:50)
8 "Hunting Season" (06:10)
9 "I Bring My Harvest Home"

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