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Hammerfall - Legacy of Kings

Legacy of Kings is the second album from Swedish metal band HammerFall. It was released September 28, 1998 on Nuclear Blast Records.

The enhanced CD release included the music video for the track "Let The Hammer Fall", a photo gallery, lyrics for the songs, PC wallpapers & a screensaver, and a Winamp skin only on the Bonus Deluxe Edition. The cover art for this album was painted by Andreas Marshall.

1. "Heeding the Call"
2. "Legacy of Kings"
3. "Let the Hammer Fall"
4. "Dreamland"
5. "Remember Yesterday"
6. "At the End of the Rainbow"
7. "Back to Back"
8. "Stronger Than All"
9. "Warriors of Faith"
10. "The Fallen One"

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