martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Dargaard - Eternity Rites

Eternity Rites is the debut album of Austria band Dargaard, released in 1998 by Draenor Productions. It instills a dark rhythm and develops "a climactic fairytale full of medieval/folk themes beautifully composed and perfectly performed"
The album includes eleven tracks, two of which are different parts of the song Eternity Rites. All the tracks are composed in mixture of neo-classical, folk and dark ambient music.

The vocals of Elisabeth Toriser, the soprano with an operatic voice is also highly appreciated through most of reviews, which is "is both clear and powerful, yet strangely delicate.
1 Eternity Rite (pt. 1: Sight from the Abyss)
2 Demon Eyes
3 Fuer Grissa Est Dranka
4 Down to the Halls of the Blind
5 Nightvision
6 Arcanum Mortis
7 Eternity Rite (pt. 2: Invocation and Bounding)
8 Temple of the Moon
9 ... Of Broken Stones
10 Seelenlos
11 Transfer Complete

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