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Therion - Live in Midgård

Live in Midgård is the first official live album released by Swedish heavy metal band Therion. This double-disc album was recorded in Colombia, Germany and Hungary during Secret of the Runes world tour in autumn and winter 2001. Cover by Axel Jusseit and Thomas Ewerhard.

CD one

1 "Ginnungagap (Prologue)"

2 "Invocation of Naamah"

3 "Birth of Venus Illegitima"

4 "Enter Vril-Ya"

5 "Riders of Theli"

6 "Symphony of the Dead"

7 "A Black Rose (Covered With Tears, Blood And Ice)"

8 "The Return"

9 "Baal Reginon"

10 "Flesh of the Gods"

11 "Seawinds" (Accept cover)

12 "Swarzalbenheim"

13 "In the Desert of Set"

CD two

1 "The Wings of the Hydra"

2 "Asgård"

3 "Secret of the Runes (Epilogue)"

4 "The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah"

5 "Summer Night City" (ABBA cover)

6 "The Beauty in Black"

7 "Seven Secrets of the Sphinx"

8 "Wine of Aluqah"

9 "Raven of Dispersion"

10 "To Mega Therion"

11 "Cults of the Shadow"

Parte 1

Parte 2

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