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Deicide - Serpents Of The Light

Serpents of the Light is the fourth full-length album by the American death metal band Deicide. It was released in 1997 by Roadrunner Records.
“On Serpents of the Light, the band offers fans more of its infamous dark metal, complete with vocal growls from Glen Benton, perfectly in-sync dual guitar work, and insanely metronome-perfect double bass drumming” “The album's opening title track certainly sets the tone for the rest of the album, encompassing all of Deicide's musical trademarks. What follows is nothing less than a bloody musical onslaught” “Not music for the faint of heart
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"Serpents of the Light"
"Bastard of Christ"
"Blame It on God"
"This is Hell We're In"
"I Am No One"
"Slave to the Cross"
"Creatures of Habit"
"Believe the Lie"
"The Truth Above"
"Father Baker's"
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